Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brent Council statement on disturbances

Cllr Ann John, speaking for Brent Council, has made the following statement:
There is no justification for the mindless violence London has witnessed over the past few days. We have a history in Brent of very strong communities working together with the council and police to tackle crime related issues and it remains important that the whole Brent community pulls together to get us through the difficult times we currently face.  There is never an excuse for looting and wanton destruction and I call on local community leaders and parents to ensure that Brent businesses and streets remain safe and secure for all our residents.
  • Brent Council will do all it can to support the work of the police and other emergency services in ensuring that Brent's majority of law-abiding citizens can to go about their business as usual.
  • Crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Brent. The council will do all it can to support the police in bringing anyone involved in criminal activity to justice.
  • We would ask parents and communities to continue to demonstrate good leadership and keep their youngsters off the streets during this time. This will allow the police to do the good job they have been doing in making sure our streets are safe.
  • The council's senior team is closely monitoring the situation in Brent and is working in close partnership with the emergency services to ensure that contingency plans are in place should we experience the disruption experienced elsewhere in the capital.
  • The council has commended the resilience and community spirit already demonstrated by Brent's residents in responding to minor disturbances experienced in isolated pockets in the borough.
Meanwhile there are reports that shops and petrol stations in Wembley are closing as a precautionary measure.

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