Wednesday, 10 August 2011

It is the Council causing pain to librarians - not us, say library campaigners

Graham Durham,Secretary of the Save Cricklewood Library Campaign, has responded to Brent Council Leader Ann John 's comments on Brent librarians in which she said that the delay in the Judge's decision means uncertainty for Brent librarians and is painful to them:
The suggestion that campaigners to save libraries are causing distress to librarians in Brent is bizarre.Ann John has sanctioned an unnecessary spend of £50,000 of scarce  Brent council taxpayer resources  to defend in the High Court  the indefensible proposal to close six libraries.In the consultation organised by the Council 82% of public respondents rejected the closure plans but Brent Council proceeded anyway.

Librarians across Brent  have been subjected to crude and insulting competency tests and been issued with notice of redundancy - it is unsurprising  that many are demoralised at their treatment by the Council.Ann John needs to accept responsibility for this disgraceful situation.

Those of us campaigning to save libraries know that once vital community resources and opportunities are destroyed young people are denied all hope.The  youth rebellion this week in Brent, London and across the country is a direct result of so-called Labour councillors carrying out the wishes of the Tory/Liberal Democrat Cabinet of millionaires rather than defending their communities against this attack by the richest on the poorest.

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Anonymous said...

This is very true. Remember that librarians no longer exist in our libraries they are "Development Officers" and the new plans for libraries mean that there will not be any library assistants either,just Customer Service Assistants. I for one will suffer the discomfort in the hope that if the library service has to change then it is done in a thoughtful way that reflects the local communities need and not just an instant fix to save money in the short term.