Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Section 60 Stop and Search Likely to be Extended

 Matthew Gardner, Brent Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police in a message to the local community has confirmed that a Section 60 stop and search authorisation was granted for the whole of Brent for a 24 hour period on August 8th. He says that it will be reviewed and is likely to be extended.

Gardner said that although there had been no large scale incidents two officers had been hurt while dealing with offenders. He continued:
We will tackle any further disorder whilst continuing to deal with normal policing across the borough and keeping our people and businesses safe.  Throughout the weekend we continued to make sure emergency calls were dealt with and that major events - like the Community Shield at Wembley and Olympic test events - passed off safely and successfully.
Officers from Brent will be working closely with you to assess any impact of the London-wide disorder.
The Metropolitan Police Service has set up an investigation team whose sole purpose will be to identify those people responsible for violence, disorder and crime. We will take every opportunity to bring criminals to justice.  There have already been an unprecedented number of arrests across London for public order, violence, and theft (looting) offences.
In relation to the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham last Thursday. It is absolutely right that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigate the circumstances. The communities of London clearly want this and deserve it.
I understand that you will be concerned and appalled at the recent events and are looking to the police to make sure you can go about your lives without fear of disruption and violence, wherever you are in the city.  I urge you to ensure you know where your children are during these challenging times. Please keep them at home during the evenings whilst this unrest continues so that they do not confuse a situation by being present when disorder is taking place. This will greatly assist my officers and staff by enabling them to get on with the difficult job we have to do - addressing the actions of a mindless few.

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