Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brent disturbances round-up

Also see this speech made by local black woman in Hackney yesterday calling for youth to fight for a cause (strong language) LINK

Here is a round-up of news appearing on the Willesden and Brent Times website LINK

A pawnbrokers on Harlesden High Street came under attack yesterday afternoon and most of the neighbouring shops had closed defensively by early evening. In Wembley early this morning a policeman was run down when a group attempting to rob the Comet store drove away in haste.

The England-Holland match scheduled for Wednesday at the Stadium has been cancelled. It appears likely  that Brent  police may impose Section 60 powers in the borough. This will enable them to stop and search people without having to state any grounds. There are dangers that used  insensitively such powers could make matters worse.

Ann  John, leader of Brent Council said:
If this is the young people of Brent telling us that they are angry about unemployment or poverty in the area then we are prepared to listen. But if this is just organised criminals using new technology to commit mindless act of opportunistic theft then that needs to be investigated and got to the bottom of a soon as possible.

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