Friday, 12 August 2011

Barry Gardiner's interventions in yesterday's Disorder Debate

Barry Gardiner intervened several times in the debate to question the Prime Minister and Michael Gove.  Has anyone heard anything from Sarah Teather?
Deferred Division: Public Disorder
Barry Gardiner: Despite what the right hon. Gentleman has just said, does he understand the concern not just in the House but across the nation that a public inquiry should be held into the events that have gone on? This has been a national event; it has affected people in every part of the country, and if it is simply left to a Select Committee, they will not feel that it has been properly addressed.
Deferred Division: Public Disorder 
Barry Gardiner: Does my right hon. Friend share my hope that when Parliament resumes, those hon. Members whose constituencies have been affected but who have not been able to engage in this debate due simply to lack of time today will have a chance to revisit the issue and put on record their constituents’ concerns, including about their livelihoods, which have been threatened?
Public Disorder 
Barry Gardiner: Does the Prime Minister accept that the events of the past five nights in London have changed the nature and context of the debate about police cuts? If he persists with them, the people of London will not understand and they will not forgive. Even his own party’s Mayor now opposes him on that policy.

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