Monday, 12 September 2011

Boundary changes will mean 5 MPs representing Brent wards

Proposals today from the Boundary Commission for England and Wales could see the people of Brent represented by five different members of parliament.  In order to distribute the electorate of each constituency fairly the following changes are put forward:
  • Kenton ward would join a new Harrow constituency , renamed from the old Harrow East constituency (Current MP Bob Blackman, Conservative)
  • Fryent and Queesnbury wards would join a new Stanmore constituency, renamed from the old Harrow West constituency (Current MP Gareth Thomas (Labour)
  • Brondesbury Park would be taken out of Hampstead and Kilburn, and put into Brent Central and the constituency would be  renamed Willesden. It will now include College Park and Old Oak wards from Hammersmith and Fulham. (Current MP Sarah Teather Liberal Democrat)
  • Brent North would be renamed Wembley and Perivale and include Tokyngton ward and Perivale ward from the old Ealing North Constituency. (Current MP Barry Gardiner Labour)
  •  Kilburn and Queens Park wards will remain in Hampstead and Kilburn constituency. Current MP Glenda Jackson Labour)
The proposals will have all the Brent political parties busy  trying to work out the impact on their vote. For older Brentonians the names will bring back memories of the two political entities that were merged to make Brent: Willesden and Wembley. 'Brent' disappears from the parliamentary political landscape.


  1. Trying to get your head around that lot will be difficult enough for party activists, let alone the electorate.

  2. Further de-coupling of the link between local and national politics. Perhaps the boundaries of the local authority will be re-drawn to reflect the constituency ones ie Brent will disappear completely. Democracy?

  3. A real dogs dinner of a proposal, which would have a Hammersmith and Fulham ward included in the new Brent constituency of Willesden They are now saying that two constituencies isn't enough for Brent's electorate - well, they already had a go at reducing our three to two, so why all this back-tracking nonsense!

    Really, I think the previous precedent to start having GE boundaries straddle borough boundaries was a really bad idea!

  4. Personally I like the idea of Willesden returning (no offence Martin)

  5. Apollo Club as the new Town Hall? It was a reluctant marriage between Willesden and Wembley (Labour and Tory) anyway - if divorce happens perhaps refugees from the north will swim across the Welsh Harp to seek political exile.

  6. Its a total mess. Having previousy put 3 Brent wards into Hampstead and Kilburn constituency for the last parliamentary election, they've now decided to move one of them out again. Trying to organise borough-wide campaigns will become a real nightmare, given how boroughs are split between so many different constituencies containing parts of different boroughs. And, being a pedant, I would point out to those who think this resurrects the old Willesden and Wembley, that it doesn't. Historic Willesden included, for instance, Kilburn. The proposed Willesden constituency doesn't.

  7. The most ludicrous thing is that if I read your blog post correct Wembley High Road & Wembley Central will be in a borough called Willesden!

  8. No, Wembley Central ward is in Brent North parliamentary constituency (proposed to change to Wembley and Perivale). The borough boundaries are unchanged.