Saturday, 10 September 2011

Doing less for those who have least

A striking phrase from  Adrian Ramsay (Deputy Green Party leader) in his speech this morning. He asked, "Does David Cameron mean, whenn he speaks about doing 'More for less' that we should be doing less for those who have least?"

This morning Peter Murry of Brent Green Party moved a motion calling for the Green Party to support the Campaign Against Climate Change pamphlet "One million green jobs" by encouraging sales of the publication and signatures for the petition. The motion was passed unanimously. Yesterday emergency resolutions were passed on the cuts in legal aid and support for the Justice for All campaign, and support for a Robin Hood Tax.

An emergency motion for later discussion has been drafted calling for elected Greens at all levels  of government to campaign  vigorously against the National Policy Planning Framework. The Framework gives priority to economic development in planning decisions at the expense of environmental and social issues. The Framework could threaten our precious open spaces such as the Welsh Harp and Fryent Country Park.

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