Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Headteacher of Kingsbury High challenged by parent

Dear Mr Waxman,

One week ago I sent you the email below. I have not had a reply or even an acknowledgement.

Throughout the so-called 'consultation' process many stakeholders in Kingsbury High School have felt that they have been deliberately cut out of the process, indeed, that the consultation process has been nothing but a sham exercise, held only so that you could tick the relevant boxes rather than take account of stakeholder's views. By your own admission at one of the meetings I attended, you wished to collect parent's views only so that they could be "persuaded" to change their minds if they were against the school becoming an academy.

Your refusal to allow the parents a secret YES/NO ballot, and your failure to respond to my previous email are but further confirmation that you place no value whatsoever on the views of your stakeholders, but are interested only in short term financial reward.

As the Headteacher you should be setting very high standards and an exemplary example to the students. Your statement, repeated many times in meetings, that you are in principle against academies but that the school needs the money, sets a very poor standard and example. You are teaching the students that principles should be sold out for a cash reward, this is not a lesson I wish my children to learn.

Tomorrow the school will be closed as it sees a strike by a majority of its teachers. This could have been very easily avoided by you agreeing to a ballot of parents. I haven't met a single stakeholder in the school who can understand your refusal to grant this. It is time you remembered your school's motto which tells us that we will be judged by our actions.

I would very much appreciate a response to this and my previous email.

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