Thursday, 1 September 2011

Eid Celebration a Lesson in Inclusivity

I had a stroll around the Eid funfair and celebration in Fryent Country Park earlier this week and was impressed by the friendly family atmosphere which managed to combine fun, food and prayer in a novel way.

The celebration was in Fryent for the first time having transferred from Barham Park where it was held last year and the move seemed to have been successful. Many local people, Muslim and non-Muslim, were enjoying themselves despite the dodgy weather.

The mixture was interesting in the light of Brent Council's decision not to fund religious festivals because they claim that they are not inclusive of all communities. This event has never claimed council funds and is funded by sponsorship and donations but the organisers, 1Eid, make it clear where they stand on inclusivity, They state that their mission is to strengthen and unite local communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid and their aims include:
  • Sharing Eid with the family of mankind
  • Empowering women through Eid by including them
  • Providing the opportunity for the development of unbiased opinions about Islam
  • Delighting local communities with funfairs, food and culture
They call on the community to:
STAND WITH US FIRM and help us eradicate islamaphobia through celebration and smiles
As I remarked the organisers have never claimed government or council funding but what they are doing certainly challenges some of the ideas expressed by councillors and council officers about festivals and inclusivity.


  1. Darwin and Einstein worked it all out for us. Let's leave these sky pixie worshipping, child-indoctrinating retards in the middle ages where they belong. And that goes for all religions.

  2. To the rude and ignorant comment posted on this enlightening and refreshing article: Is it not a fact that if a religious person like myself could love you as human being and respect you for whatever you wish to believe puts me in a far more modern and up to date compared to an ignoramus who would say what you said? It is a fact that you are in the dark ages and I pray you educate yourself so that you may speak with more eloquence and compassion. Goodness is not a religious thing it is a human trait and when we do not possess it then we cannot take credit for being human rather just an ignorant animal. I hope you can come out of your hole where you are shadowed by evil and hate and elevate yourself to remain above such horrid places and this goes to believers of a faith or not. Humanity must prevail before we can even begin to discuss faith or not as humans. God bless.

  3. What an amazing event! Big thank you to the 1Eid oragnisers.

  4. By the way it is called 1Eid. Thank you again for this article.

  5. The council has been horrible for not allowing 1eid to do more fairs. This is unacceptable. This event has joined communties of all religions and different faiths. I do wish the brent council takes this seriously.