Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kingsbury head turns down union parental ballot offer

Friday's meeting between Kingsbury High School unions and the headteacher Jeremy Waxman and Chair of Governors failed to make any progress.  The unions offered to pay for an independently overseen ballot of parents in additon to the school's own consultation. They said they would recommend that any potential strike action would be called off in the event of a ballot.

Mr Waxman rejected the offer saying that academy conversion was not a 'referendum style' issue. The unions disagreed.

The unions disagreed with Mr Waxman's offer to sign a Model Agreement on Pay and Conditions. They did not doubt his sincerity in wanting to maintain pay and conditions of staff if the school became an academy but thought that such promises were hard to keep in the medium and long term.

The unions' action committees will now be meeting to discuss next steps and will be writing directly to all the Kingsbury governors to ask for their reactions to their offer.

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