Saturday, 10 September 2011

The future of waste in Wembley

Brent Council will sortly begin a new consultation on development in the Wembley area which will take into account changes in economic conditions since 2009 when the Wembley Masterplan was formulated. In a document entitled Issues and  Options it considers how 'bad neighbours' such as waste facilities should be treated. Focusing particularly on the Fifth Avenue and Hannah Close area which has several waste management plants they list various options which would result in everything from keeping things as they are to moving out the facilities and de-designating the area. This is particularly relevant in th context of the West London Waste Authority listing Hannah Close as the possible site for a new facility on top of the one recently opened by Careys.

The initial Masterplan depended very much on housing and retail as its motor. However since 2009 other priorties have emerged inluding the provision of private student accommodation, the first block of which opens opposite Wembley Park station this month.

Another concern that has arisen since has been concern from other parties of the borough about the 'Wembleycentric' nature of the borough's plans with claims that Wembley is being developed at the expense of other areas. The claim that Wembley is the recognised centre of the borough (originating from a consultant's report) is also under attack.

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