Monday 2 January 2012

'Animated' cultural cente for Willesden Green?

The Agenda for the January 16th meeting of the Brent Executive should be available next weekend and should include the report on the proposed Willesden Green Library redevelopment.

Meanwhile you may be entertained by the Council's Vision Statement for the Willesden Green Cultural Centre HERE.

Note that the word 'Library' is missing from the title and indeed the statement, written in June 2011, makes it clear that the new building is NOT just about 'warehousing books'.

This extract sounds like something from Pseuds Corner in Private Eye:
The new cultural centre will be an animated building that celebrates and expresses local culture and community – a space of congregation and creativity. In its design and services it will reflect and support a diverse and transient population, prioritising what local people value, and facilitating a variety of activity, both serious and fun, traditional and exploratory.
It's enough to make library campaigners pretty animated!


Anonymous said...

In other words....English people are not welcome here. Take your silly indigenous traditions and way of life elsewhere!

Gastronomix said...

An animated building? Animated as in moving, like a mobile library or animated as in painstakingly drawn and whilst appearing to have some resembelance to reality actually a fantasy?