Saturday 7 January 2012

Emergency meeting on forced academy conversion

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 Michael Gove is trying to steamroller primary schools into applying to become academies but is encountering opposition from teachers, parents and governors. At the same time he is considering proposals to make it easier for the Church of England to take control of state-funded schools.

Haringey primary schools have been first in line but I suspect there will be moves over at least one Brent school soon.

There will be an emergency public meeting on Monday 9th January at 7pm at Downhills Primary School, Philip Lane, N.17, to discuss Michael Gove's proposal to enforce academy status on several of
Haringey's primary schools. Downhills is one of several Haringey Schools under threat of mandatory conversion to academy status, even though it has been judged an improving school in September 2011 by the last OFSTED inspectors. Normally schools have between 12 and 18 months to show carry out the expected improvement.

Not only is there no evidence that conversion to academy status ensuressuccess,  but the parents and teachers at Downhills are completely against Gove's attempt to impose his will.

Gove can do this because of the new powers which he took on through the the new education act which passed into law in November last year. Only collective public action is likely to sway him, since neither the individual schools nor the Local Authority has any power to resist.

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