Thursday 26 January 2012

Brent in secret talks to out-source libraries, parks and leisure services?

The Ealing Gazette is reporting this week that Ealing, Brent and Harrow Councils are in talks to out-source libraries, sports and leisure facilities throughout the three boroughs. The boroughs are alleged to have met with seven potential providers last November:
EALING Council is in talks with Brent and Harrow to establish a shared, privately-managed leisure service to save the libraries. Plans could see the council hiring independent providers to manage both libraries and sports and leisure facilities across the neighbouring boroughs. 

It must reduce its overall budget by £85 million by 2014 but pledged to save the vital community hubs from closure last summer. 
A shared service could reduce expenditure through a smaller management team and shared IT and human resources costs. 

The authorities met with seven potential providers last November to discuss taking over just libraries or sports facilities, or both. A formal decision is expected later this year.
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However Cllr Paul Lorber says that this relates to leisure centres only - libraries were specifically excluded.


Unknown said...

So the boroughs believe they can save money on these services by handing over to a company that is run for profit. How does that work, I wonder? Never was good at mathematics, but I did pass Logic.
Ironic that this is being discussed while neighbouring Tory Hillingdon has had to take back golf course in house because private company ran up debt then did a runner.

Martin Francis said...

And 8 academies in financial difficulties have had to be bailed out by the government. And don't mention PFI!