Monday 9 January 2012

Are we hearing the true voice of Brent Youth?

Protest against threatened youth centre closures last year
 In January 2010 Barry Gardiner MP accused the the Brent Council (Lib-Dem and Conservative Coalition) of trying to intimidate members of the Brent Youth Parliament and raised the issue in the House of Commons. My report on it HERE attracted  40 comments so it was clearly an issue people felt strongly about.

Two years on I have received a message from a local youth activist who wants to publicise what s/he sees as new problems. I believe in giving youth a voice so reprint what s/he wrote below and invite youth and those involved with the Youth Service and Youth Parliament to respond. I make no personal judgment about the veracity of the comments but it is important that the issue is aired.
Dear Blogger,
I see you are writing a blog about Wembley as this came up during my searches for Wembley news. It is very good indeed. I have recently been getting wind of anger from teenagers in Brent about the youth service.. people are complaining about officers taking control of youth activities and "children and young people" are being left out in the cold. I draw your attention to one Facebook status:

"I cannot believe that a Brent Council officer in the Youth Service can get away with refusing to allow Brent youth radio members to have a Lead Councillor present in a meeting with them and him.

 X is correct when he says that this is serious and suspicious stuff and exactly what the prime minister has been talking about.

Council officers need to be more accountable and transparent in their dealings.
More young people should be educated about the need to Vote."

Extremely worrying I'm sure you will agree. I am also hearing that the BYP or Brent Youth Parliament has had members arguing  the same thing.. One person contacted me saying:

"BYP has become rigged. We have elections next month and the officers are showcasing who they want to be elected. Nobody else stands a chance."

If something is written on the matter by yourself something could be done! Please consider it.
 Please use the Comment facility or send me an e-mail with your views.



Anonymous said...

brent youth parliment was never like this before. renata and manveen were doing a great job. who is in charge now. if this is happening then it defeats the good work we did when we sett it up. shame realli

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Martin Francis said...

I removed one comment when I realised that it attacked a young person by name. Such comments can be hurtful and okay for adults in the rough and tumble of politics who will quickly respond - but not for someone who may not even know that a comment has been made. Particularly important if the person making the comment is anonymous.I am happy to publish comments on the general issue of whether BYP is representative or not or any interference in what it does.

Unknown said...

This is really sinister & beyond belief.

This sort of thing would never be tolerated by The Green Party - the members should consider joining the Young Greens where they will be valued and their opinion listened to - even if they disagree - because Greens are pro autonomy and against 'whipping'.

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