Friday 13 January 2012

Brent IS London's Dirtiest Olympic Borough

When street sweeping was cut I predicted the Brent could become 'London's Dirtiest Olympic Borough' and sadly my prediction appears to have come true. Alongside the litter there appears to have been an increase in the number of mattresses dumped on the street. I suspect that some of these may be the result of evictions from short-term property lets. All these images were taken recently.


Anonymous said...

thank you for highlighting this shameful reality.
on saturday afternoon I took a walk as normal and although I am used to seeing the pavements in wembley daily used as a makeshift dustbin..I'm not however used to seeing drains full of dust and cigarette butts...I will bring my mobile phone with me next time and take some photo's of it and post it on that everyone will be able to see how badly neglected this borough is...and I predict that it will get worse.
because the people that drop the litter obviously do not care and don't accept any responsiblity for keeping the borough they live in clean...and when you add to that cuts from the council's street cleaning budget, you can only expect the situation to get worse...

Anonymous said...

brent does not deserve in my opinion to be chosen as an olympic borough...for one thing olympics is about take part in sport people need to be healthy and fit...people cannot be healthy and fit if they smoke and eat food with high fat content...yet here in wembley the pavements are daily strewn with cigarette butts which clearly reflects a sad fact that the london borough of brent is full of tobacco addicts...and shopkeepers daily sell cigarettes to the people which causes people to daily consume things that damage and ruin their health...that should not be acceptable in 2012...if brent was chosen to be an olympic borough then more should be done to promote health and fitness and you cannot do that if while we are proudly flying the flag and at the same time stumbling our neighbours just for the sake of money...

trevor said...

This morning I once again observed neglect on the part of the public, the council, the companies employed to pick up litter, and of course ultimatly the government.
yes all four play a major part in this on going problem.
first of all the people that drop litter need to start treating the streets like they treat the inside of their homes...I like to imagine that they do not drop food wrappers and cigarette butts onto the carpet in their homes...and why don't they do that?
well the answer is obvious...well just because they don't own the streets does that justify neglecting them?
I don't think so...I think the people that use the pavements and green areas as make shift dustbins need to change their attitudes...and start using the dustbins that are created and specifically placed in certain places for the public to dispose of litter in the proper way.
also the council I think need to stop treating the council tax payers like fools...because currently they are collecting council tax from us and the money that is given to companies to pick up litter is being taken and the job looks as if it is not being done...for example I could take a picture of a green area that is regularly strewn with litter and wait 1 month go back and I bet that the litter will still be my understanding of the law that means they are in breach of contract.
and yet they are able to breach their contract again and again and nothing is done...yet the minute the public fail to pay the council tax for jobs that are not being done...we are threatened with fines etc etc and even taken to the impression I am left with is as follows...although the law is meant to be fair and just
it often isn't because companies are able to breach their contract and get away with it and the public are severely punished when they commit a minor crime...and why are things like this?
well it is the fault of whoever makes the laws that are created in order to regulate our country...surely those laws are failing when you consider what I highlighted and also when you consider the sting that was set up which brought down a former tory fund raiser in which he openly boasted about rich business persons being able to buy favors from the government, doesn't that clearly show that britain has become and in fact is a lawless country despite existing laws currently in place...and although the current government make big announcements etc etc...I don't think by the time they have been shown the door come the next election britain will be in good shape...the previous government loved talking about reform but it wasn't true reform...because they excluded themselves...and once again they were exposed breaking the law and got away with it...if we broke the law in a similar way we would find ourselves behind bars without a doubt...this is why I tore up the voting card that was posted to me this morning...since the 1890s in britain politicians(yes the very people that are democratically chosen by the people) were found guilty of cheating the people.
as far as I am aware in the past 122 years people didn't vote for politicians to cheat them?
and yet that is exactly what democratically elected politicians have been found guilty of doing and it is virtually always linked to greed for money...and the fact that the current government at least according to the former tory fund raiser is once again cheating the people who elected them to govern us, that does not inspire any confidence in them at all.
if after 122 years democratically politicians are still found to be cheating the people, then I say our democracy is a farce and I feel sorry for the public.
afterall look what the chancellor did in the recent budget?
pensioners will be left to struggle thanks to george osbourne and rich people will be able to sit back and relax thanks to george osbourne.