Monday 16 January 2012

We may have let 'too many staff go to soon' - Cllr. Butt

Muhammed Butt, deputy council leader,  introducing the Audit  Letter at tonight's Executive said that in hindsight the Council may have 'let too many staff go to early'. The Council had to pay an additional audit fee of £50,000 because they had, according to the auditor. 'struggled for complete compliance and timely completion'.  This resulted in both council officers and the auditor  having to undertake additional work.

There had been errors in the council's figures but these resulted in 'no signficant changes' in the reported out-turn figures. The auditor had been asked by the public to investigate Blue Badges and compliance with teachers' pay scales and she had found no issues that required her to use her powers,  

She repeated her warnings about the councils responsibility to ensure there was an adequate level of reserves and this will doubtless make an impact on the forthcoming budget setting.

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