Saturday 14 January 2012

Emergency! Bookshop petition disappears

I have received e-mails to tell me that the links to the Council's e-petition site do not work. Sure enough, when I checked via various routes I got either an error report or a page stating that there are no current petitions.

It may have crashed of course because hundreds of people were trying to sign my petition on the Willesden Bookshop and the site got overloaded, it may have been sabotaged by the Brent Council stasi , or most likely there is some weekend maintenance of the Council website that has messed it up.

I rang the Council's emergency weekend  number and they had a look and came back to say that there was no one available to deal with it but, 'Someone may know about it and be trying to fix it so keep trying and it may come back.' Not quite up to the IT Crowd advice but on the way. When I said it was very frustrating and I was keen to get support for the Willesden Bookshop the emergency woman (you know what I mean) said, "This may be an emergency to you but...."

Keep persevering and do let me know if it starts working for you.

By the way Willesden Green Library campaigners, Cllr Powney says you have got it all wrong. POWNEY BLOG

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