Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Brent Council spends £15m on temporary staff & £5m on interims & consultants

In the light of discussion on this blog over the payment and conditions of service of 'interim' Brent council staff, readers may be interested in the Council response to an FoI request:
Agency workers are recruited via our managed vendor Reed Global Limited.In the last financial year (01/04/13 to 31/03/14), expenditure on agency temporary staff was £15million.

In the same financial year, expenditure on interims or consultants was £5million. At 31st March 2014, we had 44 interims / consultants and an average of 308 agency workers. Depending on the role’s requirements and the skill-set of the interim or consultant, the average daily rate was £414.

The details of monthly expenditure of over £500 are regularly published on
the Council’s website, at the following link:



  1. and they closed our Libraries to save £1 Million..........
    Shame on Brent Labour

  2. ... to help fund a Civic Centre which is 25% empty - and rising!

  3. No comment because I'm speechless!