Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fryent Way Traveller encampment highlights need for Traveller sites

Rumours circulated yesterday about Travellers moving on to Fryent Country Park. When this picture was taken yesterday there were only a handful of caravans there in the meadow adjacent to the Fryent Way car park.  This meadow is the one used for fun fairs and was the venue for Brent Countryside Day.

There is an official Travellers' site in Brent at Lynton Close in Neasden with space for about 30 caravans but I am unsure whether there are any vacant lots.  Normally a Council officer would visit the unauthorised site and offer accommodation on the official site if it is available.

The Lynton Close site was the scene of demonstrations against evictions in 2008. LINK

The case highlights the change in the law which removed national targets and guidelines for the provision of sites and instead, under the Localism Act, left it up to local authorities to decide their provision.

More information from Shelter LINK


Anonymous said...

Good news as it seems they have been evicted already, before too much harm was done to the environment.

Anonymous said...

You have evidence that they were harming the environment, or was this just based on prejudice?

Anonymous said...

It is based on the large piles of rubbish that were already in the field they were in, and the effort they had gone to to put more piles of rubbish in the bottom of the next field. This must have required driving their loaded vehicles deeper in to the country park judging by the large amounts of it.

I am against anybody fly-tipping or littering. I am also against anybody camping or driving where they should not. It does not matter whether they be people in white vans, idiotic off-roaders in their 4x4s or travellers with their caravans. We should all live by the same rules I think.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a very good use of vacant sites around Wembley regeneration area would be to allow travellers to use these sites while they remain land banks waiting for redevelopment ?

Anonymous said...

Good words. Of course we should all live by the same rules but what happens when the same rules are not applied to everyone equally? Over 80% of planning applications submitted by travellers are refused.

Anonymous said...

How about our friend Mr Gillick

Potentially making a large profit at the expense of society ?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the same travellers now ruining Gunnersbury Park. There is no excuse for this disgusting behaviour. .