Friday, 13 June 2014

Anti-Fascist Demonstration Saturday Cricklewood 11am

Historical precedent

Message from Brent and Harrow Unite Against Fascism
We have heard that a particularly unsavoury group of fascists known as the South East Alliance plan to invade Cricklewood on Saturday June 14th at 12.00 noon. Their pretext is to call for the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood, but they have a record of wider Islamopohobia, apparentlythey're made up of remnants of the former Essex EDL.

We are therefore calling on all anti-racists in Brent & Harrow - and neighbouring boroughs - to assemble at 11.00 am outside 113 Cricklewood Broadway NW2 6TU in defence of Cricklewood's vibrant multicultural community just as we did when Britain First came to Cricklewood in January. 
Here's their Facebook invitation: LINK
Message from the Metropolitan Police
We have been informed that the South East Alliance plan to demonstrate outside the premises of 113a Cricklewood Broadway, NW2, on Saturday 14th June.  We anticipate this will start from 11am.  They are demanding the British Government ban the Muslim Brotherhood and associated organisations.

The company that occupies 113a Cricklewood Broadway states they are not part of the Muslim Brotherhood. (My emphasis MF)

We are aware that there will be a counter demonstration by groups associated with the anti-fascist movement.

There is an appropriate policing plan in place to deal with this demonstration.  

Neil Kentish

A/Chief Inspector - Neighbourhood Policing

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Trevor said...

So If I were To Join The South East Alliance,
I Would Be Opposed By The People planning To demonstrate Against The S.E.A This Afternoon.
But If I decided To open a Shop or Supermarket and among other things, Sell cigarettes To the Anti Fascist's and The Muslim Brotherhood, and The south East Alliance Which would Damage Their Health and Who Knows, They May Even End Up being Part Of The countless People That Die from Smoking Related diseases such as throat and Lung Cancer.
and amazingly in what is Meant to Be a Christian Country That is Not against The Law?????!!!!!
But If I choose To Make a Living from selling cocaine To the above I would be viewed as a Criminal and risk being arrested judged and even jailed for breaking the Law.
Now don't get me wrong, I agree with the drugs laws in this country even though it does not stop Those
That are determined To Make their Living from Selling Drugs To people.
It nevertheless shows that the British government are aware of the need to exercise their authority In order to protect the British public.
However it is a flawed criminal Justice system.
because How can it be Just To say to one person you are free to use Tobacco in order to turn it into cigarettes for the selfish inconsiderate Greed Driven purpose of selling them to the public
and be allowed to make endless Profit and even when millions die as a Result of smoking cigarettes
The government considers it to be right for the practice to continue.
but if a person decides to copy the cigarette business and use perhaps heroin and cocaine for the same purpose of selling them to the public in order to make huge unjust profits
The same government That permits freedom to the cigarette business, says to the Drug business No
you can't sell drugs to the public.
but the fact is the drug dealers ignore the government and carry on regardless.
Now when you Have people in positions of Authority That permit an unjust system it is inevitable that those living system will suffer immensely.
and time has proved that to be True.
it's like a corrupt policeman or woman That get's up every morning and puts on their uniform and goes in to work and goes out on the beat and instead of stopping those committing crime
they actually turn a blind Eye and even get involved with those committing Crime.
Now That would be Grossly unjust and for good reason.
but yet that is exactly what the British government have done and continue to do.
and because of their selfish, unjust, flawed, corrupt, hypocritical, unjustly proud way of governing the country They have Actually helped to create the unjust corrupt crime ridden system that exists in Britain Yesterday and Today.
They are Like certain deceased People That are given great Authority but then misuse that authority for selfish reasons which then causes no end of damage and suffering.
I Tell you All now,
We deserve better and there is no way that is going to happen in the current corrupt system that exists in Britain.
even if the S.E.A were defeated, and the supposed threat of Islam was calmed
I guarantee you that the government of Britain would selfishly cling to it's unjust and hypocritical ways
which would ensure that suffering and injustice will continue.