Saturday, 21 June 2014

The People United Against Austerity Today in London

Thousands marched today in London against the Coalition's austerity policies and for an alternative. Romayne Phoenix of the Coalition of Resistance and the Green Party was on the platform as the MC and Caroline Lucas received  great applause for her speech.

Here are some images from the day:

Christine Blower (General Secretary NUT) and Kevin Courtney (Deputy General Secretary) review the Green Party's Reclaim Our Schools flyer, 

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Trevor said...

The government only use their authority to protect their best interests which of course is Tax Revenue.
in their eyes we the vulnerable much exploited public are just Slaves to the system That Has taught us to abuse ourselves either by means of smoking
or drug taking and things like gambling.
The government oppose Drug Dealers because They don't think We should sniff cocaine or smoke cannabis or inject heroin.
no They are much happier if we chose to abuse our health by smoking because that brings in tax for the chancellor.
Caroline Lucas Talks about being against austerity but what about the smoking and gambling problems in Britain Caroline?
Is it right and in the best interests of the public you Talk To about The harm Austerity does, To allow major supermarkets to provide the same people with the means to destroy their health each day?
and to allow the same businesses to put up billboards to tempt us into gambling?
is smoking in the best interest of the public Caroline?
and is it right to encourage people to gamble?
Let's imagine you get your way and Austerity is stopped
the fact is the exploitation by means of smoking and gambling will continue and you know it's True Caroline
because those two things serve the best interests of the government.
So I'm not convinced by your speech about austerity...when you start Talking about banning smoking and gambling which is responsible for many of the problems people suffer physically and financially,
I will start taking you seriously.
One thing I have realized is that politicians have a much easier time the more ignorant the public are.
but when the public are more aware of how much they are being mislead and exploited
it becomes so much more difficult for politicians to stand up and make speeches that supposedly reflect their concern about us.
the fact is Britain thrives upon exploitation.
this is why history itself reflects that.
whether it be the slave trade that existed, and countless other things, the reality is it shows that The public in Britain are always exploited one way or another.
and as always it is inspired by greed and one way or another the government is always behind it
driving it and pushing it to ensure it continues.
this is why the streets of Brent are nothing but one big ash tray full of cigarette butts and empty cigarette boxes.
and the pavements are always broken and uneven and full of Litter and the housing for the common people are nothing but havens of Torment one way or another.
I feel sorry for the people of Brent.
you have been so badly let down by the very people that claim to work for you.