Monday, 23 June 2014

School Summer Fairs bring the community together

All over the borough this month and next, local primary schools will be holding their Summer Fairs. PTAs and Friends Associations work with staff, governors and pupils to fundraise for those little extras. At the same time the events demonstrate how schools unite a diverse community in a common endeavour and showcase unity in action. It's just schools carrying on as normal but serves as a powerful riposte at attempts to divide us.

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Trevor said...

I Feel sorry for Those Children,
because They are growing up in a Country that doesn't really care about them.
They are the Targets of the greed lead money lovers That want them to become self abusers aka Smokers.
Supermarkets and corner shop owners are Having a Whale of a Time Providing the adults that were once young vulnerable children with the means to destroy their Health and Lives.
and they do that with the permission of the Politicians that love to talk about protecting the public and that they work for us or they are on our side.
When I was a boy it was Acceptable for cigarettes to be advertised on Television and on billboards etc.
and yet Cigarettes are responsible destroying the health and lives of countless people every year!!
and at the same time the drug law was there to protect the public from greed driven drug dealers.
and yet the same politicians that supposedly cared about us enough to create a law to protect us from being exploited by drug dealers,
used that same authority to be permit their own Dealers to exploit us...and those dealers are known as the cigarette business.
and that business is responsible for the huge amounts of deaths caused from smoking every year.
and yet they are allowed to do that with the permission of the government that enjoy talking about protecting the public.
they enjoy going around the world telling us about how concerned they are about so called Muslim radicals that they view as a threat to the public.
but they don't show any concern about protecting the public from the cigarette business.
but that is because the cigarette business serves the government's interests which is to get as much tax revenue as possible.
yes they put money first.
they condemn drug dealers that wish to get as many people hooked on heroin and cannabis etc but don't condemn their own dealers that they permit to exploit the public into the habit of self abuse which is commonly known as smoking.
Those children deserve so much better but they won't get that at all as long as the system most of us struggle to survive in continues.