Monday, 16 June 2014

Stop the War and PSC will benefit from another successful fundraising Garden Party

What's going on beyond the borders?
Rachel Rose Reid, storyteller, entertains
Brent Stop the War and Brent & Harrow Palestine Solidarity Campaign held another successful fundraising garden party on Sunday. Local residents and activists turned out to enjoy the food and entertainment. Apart from Brent StW and Brent PSC there were members of the Labour Party, Green Party and SWP present. I am not sure about the Lib Dems this year, but some usually attend.

It is always good to see how political differences can be sunk in aid of a good cause.

The fundraiser attracted people from other parts of London including Jeremy Corbyn MP.


Trevor said...

I Agree That the fighting And Killing Should be stopped but Will Those Involved in the War Listen?
Million's Have Died as a Result of Smoking Cigarettes and Yet Cigarettes Continue to be Made and sold On a Daily Basis.
That Cannot be Allowed to continue.
Because It Gives The impression That it is OK to slaughter one another by means of Selling Cigarettes
To the public and Make Untold profit
which is in reality " Blood Money" since every pound in profit made by the Cigarette Companies and every pound collected in Tax Revenue by The Chancellor Is Money Taken From The Public who Have Been Taught How To Abuse Themselves by means of Smoking and Take their Own Health for Granted.
and What They Get In Return For Every Pound Given for The Tools of Self Destruction more Commonly known As cigarettes is Diseases such as Lung and Throat Cancer.
Millions...Yes Millions Have Died before their Time Because of The Greed and Reluctance on the Part of the British Government To Do What Is Right on Behalf of the People They Like to say They work for.
This Is Why I am convinced That although Politicians in General speak out again the war
They nevertheless Fail to see That it's Not Enough to condemn Those Taking part in Wars
That inevitably causes Many To Die, While Permitting The cigarette Business To Destroy Lives by means of Smoking.
This is why I have come To realize That when you Have People in positions of Authority Who then misuse That Authority and actually give their consent to their chosen ones To Target the public for the purpose of seducing them into Doing self destructive Things in return for profit,
The Living under that So called Democratically elected government will suffer immensely.
and That is exactly what happened...history is overflowing with shameful heartbreaking tear Educing examples of Governments That Have Abused The Trust the public have put in them
and Have Created a corrupt system in which Wrong is right Which Encourages people to put profit before principle.
and in modern times we have people like the home secretary That condemns Leaders of other nations for Doing Wrongs to their people
but yet our government is just as blood guilty even by means of the cigarette business
let alone all the wars it has permitted over the years.
it's like as if the government needs someone to make a huge mirror that reflects upon them Their hypocritical selfish wicked reckless ways.
and still I reckon that would not shame them into reconsidering their ways.
They are that hardened and corrupted after decades of Doing things their way.

Trevor said...

Hi Martin,
I Want to Say once again That the British government Needs To Understand That it is seriously Corrupt and Many of the problem's in Britain Today is Due To The Way it Govern's The country.
Again I'll Mention The Smoking Problem Which is responsible for the Huge Amount of Deaths From Cancer Each Year.
and Yet all The Previous Labour Government Did To Tackle it was to Create a New Law Forcing The Victim's Of The Cigarette Business To Abuse Their Health Outside,
and That show's Just How Much Authority The Government Has
in that it was able to create a Law That control's Where the Public Abuse Themselves.
but it is also Noticeable That the Government Didn't use it's authority To Ban smoking completely.
and why not?
Well I think it is because smoking Bring's in Billions of pounds each year for the Chancellor and so that is why they chose to allow it to continue.
Yet smoking is the biggest cause of Preventable death in this country Let alone the world .
causing millions to die so even though The prime minister said yesterday that the biggest threat to life is an isis Attack by British Muslim's That Have been Influenced by Those involved in the wars in Iraq.
That may be True and of course Should be Taken seriously by the Government.
But the fact is Smoking causes more Deaths Each Year Than The deaths Caused by the wars being fought in Iraq.
and therefore The people behind the cigarette business are also a Threat to The Lives of the British people.
because Just As Those Seeking to Kill one another in Iraq Are willing to in the way of their Target's To Destroy their Lives which clearly shows a Lack of Respect for Life
Likewise The cigarette business Put's their Things in the way of their target's each day in the hope that they will walk into the trap once again and buy more of their Health destroying Death causing cigarettes.
and like the people that create the guns and bombs and other weapons that hurt people, they show a lack of respect for life.
and amazingly the government that is currently saying that isis is a serious Threat (Which is True)
The cigarette business is a Serious Threat as Well
after all what they Do is What has caused millions To die from smoking related diseases
and yet they are Free to continue doing what they do each day
which will ensure That more people will continue To die from smoking related diseases.
which then puts a huge financial strain on The NHS and yet that appears to be acceptable to the government!!!
so it's as if the government is saying
you cannot bomb people to death or shot them to death or beat them to death but it's OK To cause death by means of Selling cigarettes to the public
and make huge profits from It and We will Take billions in Tax Revenue each year.
and all of that Happens in what is meant to be a Christian country!!!
and so while the government condemns other nations for fighting and killing one another
it fails to recognize it's own blood guilt and the fact that it has misused it's authority to create a corrupt system in which it's chosen ones are permitted to target the British public and all for the purpose of Profit and Tax revenue.
Yes...Without doubt the government(s) put profit and Tax revenue before principle.
While it makes cuts to the benefit system and falls over it's self to save money
while it permit's it's chosen ones To exploit The public in order to make money even when that causes millions to Die each year.
and to think saddam hussein was condemned as a Crook That showed little concern for his people and yet look what the British government Does to it's own people!
and all for the sake of Money.