Monday, 2 June 2014

Powney blasts scrutiny proposals

Former Brent Labour councillor James Powney yesterday blasted the Scrutiny proposals going before the Full Council meeting on WednesdayLINK
He describes the proposals as 'ill-advised' and put forward without any disccussion in the Labour Party or meaningful discussion in the Labour Group:
Given the whole point of scrutiny is to make sure that the spending of public money is transparent and above board, the secrecy with which these changes are being treated is particularly ironic. 
He goes on:
...Indeed it might have been specifically designed to do away with meaningful scrutiny altogether. At a time when barriers to corruption in local government are being systematically dismantled, and lower resources put a premium on good quality decision making, this is exactly the opposite of what should be done.
This is strong stuff and for once James Powney and I are in agreement.


Anonymous said...

Good for Powney

Shame he said very little opposing proposals while in office.

Perhaps he has a conscience after all.

Anonymous said...

Bent Labour are going to fall apart - fighting already isn't a good sign for us residents.