Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Get on your bikes and enjoy Chalkhill cycling facility

The Chalkhill biking site is officially launched on 25 June at 2.30pm.
The first BMX club session starts on Saturday 14 June - 1.30pm until 3pm.
The BMX Track

 Chalkhill BMX cycle track – free club membership this Saturday

Come to the Chalkhill BMX track this Saturday at 1pm for the launch of Brent BMX club. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to expert riders of all ages. We have a set of bikes, helmets and gloves available and the first session is completely FREE. We are also providing FREE club membership for people attending the first session. Check out our Facebook page

Brent BMX Club is a volunteer-led club for the local community. Established as part of Access Sport’s BMX Legacy Programme (www.londonbmx.co.uk) and supported by Brent Council we are looking for anyone who would like to get involved in BMX or willing to help out at the clu.

 There are  three tracks at the Barnhill/Chalkhill open space for bike and scooter users to enjoy.
Please note that some club sessions may take priority at certain times.

BMX track

The BMX track design has been created to suit all abilities of riders from beginners to experts as all obstacles are 'rollable', meaning not so confident riders can roll over each obstacle and still carry sufficient speed for the next.
The nature of the obstacles and angle of the berms allow more experienced riders to carry further speed and negotiate the obstacles in a number of different ways.

Family cycle trail

The family cycle trail is a 'Green Grade Trail' based on the International Mountain Bicycling Association's (IMBA) grading of routes and trails.
The difficulty level of the proposed trail equates to 'Leisure and Easy' and is built to IMBA Standards for Green Grade Trails.
The family trail snakes its way around the field with boulder stones placed to add features to the trail and help create a natural segregation from riders and pedestrians.
All aspects of the trail are integrated into the exiting land forms as much as possible for example elevations and deviations of the existing parkland.

Scooter track

The scooter track consists of small low obstacles linking from one to another.
There is a low start hill to allow riders to gain sufficient speed to negotiate the obstacles along the track.
The entire scooter track is finished in asphalt to allow a smooth finish for the small wheeled scooters and bikes.

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