Friday, 5 June 2015

Wembly Central petition Brent Council for more action on rubbish and flytipping

The Green Party and Brent Fightback long ago forecast dirty streets LINK  as a result of cuts to street cleaning and other services and the decision to make the contractor Veolia responsible for monitoring its own performance.  More recently I have also had comments regarding the maintenance of parks which is also part of Veolia's empire.  As a result of the Veolia taking over Brent's Public Realm the Environment Department of the Council has been severely cut LINK.

Wembley Central residents have now launched a public online petition to Brent Council and Muhammed Butt calling for action LINK

The petition reads:
--> We the undersigned petition Brent Council to resolve the issue of unacceptable amounts of rubbish being dumped on our streets.  The dumped rubbish is anti-social, it causes potential health hazards by attracting rats and other vermin to our streets and it affects the well-being of responsible residents, whilst making the area unwelcoming to visitors.

We call on Brent Council to implement the following 6 point plan to clean up Wembley Central:

1.      We call on Brent Council to put in place measures which prevent rubbish being dumped on our streets and to fully publicise what these measures are.

2.      We call on Brent Council to strongly enforce existing laws and regulations against those who litter, those who dump rubbish/fly-tip and those who do not manage their waste properly on private land.

3.      We call on Brent Council to raise awareness of this problem, stressing that it will no longer be tolerated, through an education program including posters and leafleting, whilst engaging with local landlords, businesses, schools, colleges and places of worship.

4.      We call on Brent Council to respond to genuine complaints from residents in a timely and respectful manner.

5.      We call on Brent Council to pro-actively combat the effects of recent multi-occupancy housing on the existing local community.  Each landlord licence would generate £400 per property.  This income must be invested to regulate and enforce regulations.

6.      We call on Brent Council to issue financial penalties against Veolia where the service fails to meet the required standard.

For too long the Council have ignored our complaints about rubbish in our area and they need to take immediate and long term action to solve this problem.

On the petition sight Cllr Sam Stopp (Labour, Brent Central) writes:
The cleanliness of our streets is the measure of our community spirit.
To rebuild community spirit, we must first remove the blight of dumping from our streets.


Anonymous said...

*Cllr Sam Stopp (Labour, Wembley Central)*

Colin George said...

Anybody got the faintest idea what the measures in (1) might be?

Nan. said...

Surely a breach of party discipline by Cllr Stopp who ought to have maintained the party line of 'people will sign anything'...........

G.Lee said...

my thoughts also ...didn't they say anyone can sign a petition?

Anonymous said...

Poor boy is a bit confused since he lives in Willesden, far away from the residents he's supposed to represent in Wembley

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it on another comment that there is a Cllr who does not get on with or understand the asian community in the ward so is looking to get selected elsewhere.

Jaine Lunn said...

Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cllr Sam Stopp, councillor for Wembley Central, signing a petition asking himself to do something? This boy is more than just confused.

Anonymous said...

Notable repetition of the word, "boy", used in relation to an elected councillor.

The ageism in the comments on this blog never ceases to amaze...