Friday, 12 June 2015

Quintain's exhibition at Wembley Park opens - but do people know about it?

Quintain's exhibition on the next phase of the Wembley Park regeneration opens today at  The Yellow Pavilion, Olympic Way, Wembley HA9 0FA

Local residents are not convinced that the PR agency organising the exhibition have done enough to contact local people. This is what one residents' association wrote to them:
 Is this the minimum time for exhibitions/consultations you have to give to residents who are directly affected by this development?

We are very upset and disappointed that you have not advised every resident who will be directly affected, in good time,  i.e. all the residents who live in the areas around the Stadium development. Even residents at Raglan Court have not been advised and they live right opposite the development! Why wasn't the whole area, which is directly affected,  leafleted?

Now that the Wembley Observer is no longer published and only on line, even if you had mentioned this exhibition, many would not have seen it.

Many of us are already personally affected, as we now have no privacy, as our bedrooms are overlooked and it can only get worse!

Please advise why all the residents were not advised well in advance, as you must have known about this exhibition/consultation a long time ago? Perhaps you really did not want all of us to attend and make our comments and objections? This is totally unacceptable and we really need some answers and for you to extend the time of the exhibition, so that more people can be advised and attend.

We are very sorely aware that Quintain has all the power and finance to influence Brent Council and when there is a huge development with huge profits involved, obviously the residents wishes and needs tend to be ignored.

There is nothing wrong with making huge profits, money makes the world go round, but not at the expense of the existing residents, who feel we are not getting anything in return!  You should be putting back much more and also be far more considerate of  the feelings and needs of the existing residents, who are very side-lined.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Zerine Tata, Chair of Hillcroft Crescent Residents Assoc. & Co-ordinator of the Neighbourhood Watch.
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