Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wembley's Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill on target for September opening

Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill today
This week the hoardings around the Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill have been taken down and locals are able to see the result of the work that has been going on.  Workmen tell me that the internal work is largely completed and work on the grounds is taking place as well as installation of iron railings on the existing perimeter wall.

The building includes the refurbished Brent Town Hall (before the merger of Wembley and Willesden, Wembley Town Hall) and a new block for primary pupils. The school's website shows the completed site, complete with running track where the Council car park used to be.

One can't but notice that the building looks far more substantial than many recent new school builds in the borough.

The school is due to open on September 3rd 2015 for Years 1 to 11 with Years 12 and 13 starting in subsequent academic years.

The school will offer a bilingual education with 'an Anglo Saxon' ethos and will be fee paying:
2015- 2016 school fees will be as follows:

  • Maternelle: £10,470 / year
  • Elementaire: £9,770 / year
  • Collège: £9,770 / year
  • Lycée: £10,470 / year 

These fees include lunch, insurance and, from Primary onwards, an appropriate tablet device.

Please note that:
There is a non-refundable £90 pre-registration fee per pupil.
If you are offered a place, you will receive an email explaining in detail the acceptance procedure and the Terms and Conditions. A first registration fee of £1,200 per pupil, as well as an advance payment of £1,000 on the first term fees, must be paid to secure the place. These fees are non-refundable.
The school has published a welcoming letter to parents on its website:

Dear families,

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the Lycée International de Londres. Our school aims to create a nurturing and vibrant environment where students and adults thrive sharing the joys of teaching and learning alike. The Lycée provides an international education based on the French National Curriculum leading to the French Baccalaureate.

Rooted in the tradition of French educational excellence, and aiming to offer the most modern pedagogical approaches, our ethos reflects our commitment to foster the development of the whole child along with collective achievement through mutual respect and dedication.

Our campus encompasses newly refurbished and purpose ­built buildings surrounded by large outdoor leisure and sports facilities on five acres of land. These beautiful surroundings and brand new teaching spaces will offer the school’s 1,100 pupils a wonderful campus ­style environment. The Lycée also houses a large gymnasium, a bright and spacious library, state­-of-­the­-art science labs, a music room and a drama studio: we want to offer the best a modern school can offer today.

We hope you and your children will join our community, share our values and adhere to our ethos. We look forward to welcoming our first classes Autumn 2015.

It is a great honour for me to be entrusted with the mission to build and lead, with your support, such a vibrant community of learners. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to gain your trust, act with your support and provide the energy and inspiration to succeed in our endeavour.

Best wishes,
Mireille Rabaté
Head of school
The website includes a video extolling the virtues of blingualism/multilingualism:

 The school's website is available in both French and English HERE


Anonymous said...

They find space for a French School but not for a Welsh School in Brent?

Nan said...

Lovely to see a school that doesn't look like a glorified shopping complex......

Anonymous said...

It says anglo-saxons not celts. #ThingsThatSoundABitUKIP

Anonymous said...

They have built a beautiful new school, the Welsh school just wanted to lease the Bowling pavillion and site a portakabin in King Edward VII Park for 30 children at a cost to the people of Wembley, you cannot compare the two very different schools.

Anonymous said...

Only: Maternelle: £10,470 / year
Elementaire: £9,770 / year
Collège: £9,770 / year
Lycée: £10,470 / year in fees.

The children just opposite in ChalkHill will benefit.

Alison Hopkins said...

There was no financial cost to the people of Wembley, it was being paid for by the Welsh School. The Bowling Pavilion is still empty and near derelict - anyone know if the plans for a club are happening?

I admire both schools. I suspect the impact of over a thousand pupils will be somewhat more than the impact of 30. I do not admire the fact that Brent sold the old town hall so cheaply.

Unknown said...

Agree with Alison on the impact of all this. i doubt all these children will be local (as of yet) resulting in added pressure on roads, increased air pollution and later on added pressure on local housing as parents attempt to reduce the commute time for their children.

I watched the video and they refer to something which is called critical period hypothesis - the idea that the best time to learn things is within a specific developmental time period. This theory is discredited tosh and im surprised this school is starting out peddling pseudoscience before the doors even open.

Jaine Lunn said...

Sorry Alison you are misinformed, the Bowling Pavilion is currently inhabited by Guardians of London who are protecting it from becoming derelict. Friend of King Eddies and another community group are in negotiations with the Council to lease it and provide a Community Hub for sport and leisure activities. Over 60 people expressed interest in re-starting the Bowls Club