Wednesday, 20 September 2017

22 storey block incorporating a pub to replace The Boat in Alperton

The Boat (Pleasure Boat) as was
As planned

Plans revealed at today's consultation propose the replacement of the two storey 'The Boat' public house in Alperton by a 22 storey block incorporating a replacement pub and 'affordable' workspaces.

The joint venture between developers and Heineken includes 99 'affordable' homes with parking for 6 disabled Blue Badge holders only.

Brent Council would  achiueve £1.5m planning gain.

Today's consultation ends at 8pm this evening. The second consultation session is Thursday September 21st  3.30pm-8pm at Brent Play Association, Peppermint Point, Alperton


Anonymous said...

Words fail me. Yet another tower block to fill Wembley skyline. Maybe it will be called Toffee Tower as there is Peppermint Point next door. As for a "replacement pub", the photograph shows a bland, unappealing and unimaginative glass box. The present pub is part of the history and heritage of this area and all of this will be lost if the plan is approved. Yes, the Pleasure Boat pub has become run down but surely it would have been more responsible of developers to refurbish and retain a building that has been in use since the 1850s. How very sad that yet another Brent landmark may well be destroyed and lost forever. Is this yet another attempt by Brent Council to obliterate what is left of our cultural heritage?

Martin Francis said...

I believe that a while ago we had a Brent Heritage Champion. I can only guess that they were bulldozed into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Martin, s/he was a Heritage champion. A decent old pub building is not 'Heritage' it's merely heritage. Just like a waterway with visible sky above is not Heritage, at least not until all the other waterways with visible sky have been wiped out by crass 'development'. At that point the remaining one WILL become officially Heritage and also 'iconic'. And dopey selfie-addicts will turn up to take pictures of themselves, (hopefully walking backwards into the murky depths as they do so).

Mike Hine

Philip Grant said...

I first found out that Brent had a "Heritage Champion" several years ago, when the late Cllr. Dan Filson wrote to me. He asked for my advice, as a known "local historian", on a survey he had to complete for English Heritage, in his role as that "champion".

Since Dan's sad death, I have not been contacted by any subsequent "champion". However, the minutes for Brent Council's Annual Meeting on 17 May 2017, item 8 (appointments to committees and outside bodies) includes the following item in Appendix A:
"Historic Environment Champion (English Heritage) - M Patel."

Cllr. Mili Patel is also a ward councillor for Alperton. I would suggest that any local residents who want to see the heritage of "The Pleasure Boat" retained as part of Alperton's canal-side environment should speak to her, and ask her to fight for your views, as both your councillor and as Brent's historic environment champion.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with anonymous above. I live near there and am really sad and angry.
They also demolished a beautiful old pub at the corner of Stanley Ave a while ago and replaced it with unappealing flats. They could have refurbished and repurposed it! As with the the Boat. I don't drink but the pubs were beautiful and part of the heritage and they could have repurposed it!

Anonymous said...

So many of Brent's beautiful buildings have been demolished. The borough is a bland and characterless place now.

Anonymous said...

Where is the social infrastructure to support all these additional residents? The current roads, traffic, parking, doctors, schools, community centres, sewers / drainage (problems) are already under strain......

Anonymous said...

When was the last time a council in Brent has improved the area? Such a shame they haven't incorporated the old building.