Friday, 1 September 2017

Data protection breach by Brent Council

Brent Council accidentally released more than 1,000 email addresses yesterday when it failed to blind copy recipients of an email about a meeting of Brent Disability Forum.

The list included the private email addresses of people on Brent Connects email lists and the Citizens Panel. The list may have been spread wider if recipients forwarded the details (it was about a change of venue) to other parties.

An apology was issued after the breach:
This is to apologise for sending out email address list. This was done in error in regards Brent Disability Forum – Change of venue.
I undestand that at least one of the people affected has  complained to the Information Commissioners Office.

Brent Council has not yet responded to my request for a statement.


Anonymous said...

Yes well this shows up yet another failure by Brent Council.Will they ever get anything right? Problem is that they've spent so much time and resources sucking up to developers who only have one interest I.e. making as much money as they can and kudos for themselves that the interests and rights of decent residents are just forgotten or pushed to one side. Shades if Tower Hamlets again.

Karen said...

Hi Martin,
I was one of the people affected by this so I will email you direct.