Monday, 18 September 2017

Brent Council adopts motion on hate crime with cross party support

The Labour Motion on Hate Crime was adopted by Brent Council this evening. It was moved by Cllr Nerva:
Brent Council expresses grave alarm and concern at the upswing in hate crime, discriminatory acts and violations of dignity in the last year across the United Kingdom.
We condemn racism and xenophobia as well as all other forms of discrimination (including but not limited to discrimination on the grounds of disability, sex, acts of homophobia, religious intolerance, ageism and any other violations of human rights such as modern slavery) as flagrant breaches of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The council is deeply concerned about the surge in religious hatred, such as antisemitism and islamophobia and strongly condemn all forms of discrimination against religious beliefs. This may constitute expressions of hatred, rhetorical and physical manifestations of religious hatred, including against property, community institutions and religious facilities.
Brent Council welcomes the publication of “Hate Crime: A guide to those affected”. This much needed guide results from a ground-breaking collaborative approach involving the Community Security Trust, Tell MAMA, The Crown Prosecution Service and the Department for Communities and Local Government.
The council unequivocally condemns hate crimes against EU nationals which have seen a rise in the last year. We recognise the essential contribution that EU nationals make to our workforce and communities; the council will continue to help and support this group in any way that we can.
Brent Council pledges to combat all forms of pernicious racism and reiterates that any form of hate crime and discrimination (including discriminatory and mendacious statements or publications, harassment, bullying or victimisation) will not be tolerated in our workforce and communities.
The diversity of the borough and the cohesion between its different communities are major strengths and assets of Brent. We reassure our residents and employees that we continue to provide support for victims of acts described above, to report incidents and will within our powers, take action wherever possible against perpetrators who commit such heinous acts.

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