Monday, 11 September 2017

Brent Council reviews processes after 1,000 resident's e-mail addresses were circulated by accident

Brent Council has rather belatedly responded to my story of September 1st LINK on a data protection breach where more than 1,000 visible email addresses were sent to Brent residents in a notice about a meeting venue change.

A Brent Council spokesperson said:
The email was sent out by a council employee to provide information about upcoming events. A mistake was made in sending the emails, the sender intended to use bcc but accidently used the To field. This meant that the email addresses were visible to others. An apology was sent out straight away to all recipients. No personal data about the individuals was disclosed, only their email addresses and they were not linked to any particular forums or groups. 

The council’s policy is to use the blind copy feature when sending bulk emails and the Council is satisfied that this was down to human error. The Council has reviewed its process and is taking further technical  measures to reduce the chances of this happening in the future.

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