Friday, 8 September 2017

Direct action at Arms Fair: No faith in war

Local activists joined Day three of the #StopDSEI week of action: Waves of action blocked both roads into the arms fair for hours at a time as activists gathered to oppose nuclear weapons and call for the government to shift from arms production to renewable energy.

Campaigner Gaynor Lloyd appears in the video along with Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader. Gaynor remarked today, in a reference to the battle over the Harrow School public footpath:
 It is ironic that the Open Spaces Society were diffident about serving a notice under the Highways Act on Harrow School that would have led the school to be up in the Magistrates Court for a breach of Section 137 of the aforementioned Highways Act - after 9 years of  blocking Footpath 57. It took 11 minutes for me to get nicked for self- same offence on Wednesday.... Food for thought, eh?  

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