Tuesday 2 October 2018

Have your say on Copland/Ujima House redevelopment Oct 4th and 6th

Locals will be aware that the demolition of the old Copland High School building is in progress. Brent Council is holding a public consultation at Ujima House 388 Wembley High Road on October 4th (4pm-7.30pm)  and 6th (10am - 2pm).

Ujima House

Copland High School

According to the council the consultation is about the proposed redevelopment of Ujima House and the former Copland buudling and improvements to the public realm along Wembley High Road.

The council has been working with Karakusevic Carson Architects and Easy to develp ideas for the redevelopment if the sites, including new community facilities, workspace and new homes.

Residents will be able to meet council officers and the architects and give their views on the High Road and the design proposals to date, ideas for uses of the community spaces and feedback on proposed new play facilities and public realm improvements.


Jaine Lunn said...

What would be nice is if everyone supported the idea, that the land that Copland School stood on be converted back to a small Park with lots of trees and seating area to replace the portion of land they built on Coplands Fields, which now nobody can access. The Public Footpath No.87 which they diverted and tarmac'd is as crooked as a dog's hind leg, and with no one being able to see through the 3 meter high green mesh fence is a muggers paradise. This was originally public land and therefore should be given back to the public to use. I might also add the development currently under construction by Henley and Genesis on the site of Brent House is more than 20% deficient in amenity space for the number of homes being built, so a small park adjacent to this site would go some way to address this issue, reduce the carbon footprint by putting back the trees they butchered when demolishing Brent House, and make a start at reducing the heavily air polluted Wembley High Road. We just a thought.

Jaine Lunn said...

Martin, I would just like to remind your readers of a bit of history regarding Ujima House, 30 years ago it was called Dorland House, and was home to Epsom Computers, they vacated in the late 1980s and it was left empty for at least 5 Years. It then became home to Custom's and Excise they stayed approx 4 years and then vacated. It again remained empty for another 5+ years before finally being purchased by Ujima Housing Association for approx £2.5 million. They then spent a further £2.5 million refurbishing to a very high standard providing a very enjoyable work space for their workers. When Ujima HA went bust, it was taken over by London & Quadrant who failed miserably in trying to rent it out as office space @ £16 per square foot. Again it fell vacant for several years. Eventually they handed it over to "The Kindness Offensive" who installed charities and start up entrepreneurs, they operated for approx 3 years. In October 2017 Brent Council purchased for what is unconfirmed £5.8 million with the intention of demolishing and building 200+ homes. As it again became vacant and it became home to approx 40 squatters along with several dogs and cats for the first 3 months of 2018. Already now in a state of disrepair it has been completely stripped of it's high spec fittings, given to Meanwhile Space who are subletting to various organisations. The 4th floor now houses Stonebridge Boxing Club, the Ground and First to Hackspace who have relocated from Hackney, and 2nd and 3rd ??. I believe it to be "Affordable Work Space" at present!!!! Either side of Ujima House sits Lanmor House which has been converted under permitted developement to approx 35 flats, of which only the two additional floors which were added under planning permission (approx 8 apartments) enjoy any amenity space. The Ground Floor is being touted by the Developer as work/office space but remains vacant, again at approx £16 sq ft it would appear no ones rushing to lease. On the other side is the long abandoned Fairgate House which has not been occupied for decades apart from half the ground floor which is occupied by a restaurant and clothes shop. A consultation was held to develop this property and land into approx 180+ flats several years ago but nothing has come of it.

As Brent Council has spent the last few years getting rid of numerous community and Play facilities including all the Youth Clubs bar Roundwood for which it received £4.9 million lottery grant, and Stonebridge Adventure Playground, does this mean they have done a 360 and are now planning to create new community facilities and play facilities?? I won't hold my breath just yet.