Thursday 18 October 2018

Will skipping reduce fly-tipping?

When I lived in Shepherd's Bush a couple of decades ago the Council used to leave skips in key sites for the collection of bulky items that would be otherwise fly-tipped. It worked pretty well and quite a few items used to disappear overnight as people raided the skip for useful or saleable bits and pieces.

Cllr Butt & Cllr Sheth (see comments)
Now Brent Council is trialing a similar scheme.

Will the skips initiative encourage people to get rid of surplus items they've been keeping in their shed, loft or the cupboard under the stairs?

Will it result in more landfill?

Will it reduce fly-tipping on our streets and open spaces?

This is is the announcement from Brent Council:

Community skips are coming to Brent, as part of a trial providing a new and easy way to help residents get rid of their household junk.

Under Brent Council's Love Where You Live campaign, the community skips will be manned by local residents and will give people the chance to dispose of unwanted household items and learn more about how we can all do our bit to create a cleaner, greener Brent.

Waste such as furniture, garden clippings, small electrical items, recycling and mattresses can be deposited in the skips. Each household can drop off up to five bulky items or five black bags (or a mixture of both) and will be required to bring one form of identification, which can include a drivers licence, council tax or utility bill.

Under the new trial, community skips will be at the following locations over the next six weeks from 8am - midday:

  • 20 October 2018 - Townsend Lane, Fryent
  • 03 November 2018 - Ken Way, Barnhill (opposite Lidl)
  • 17 November 2018 - Shaftesbury Avenue, Kenton (bottom end)
  • 01 December 2018 - Essoldo Way, Kingsbury

The community skips are for residents only and no trade waste will be accepted. The skips will not accept the following items:
  • Asbestos
  • Car tyres
  • Fridges / freezers
  • Oil / oil drums
  • Paint cans


Sandro said...

Ok this is a bloody good idea as fly-tipping is rife in Brent. I report fly-tipping in my area where I can via the Cleaner Brent app. My only concern is how can you police it so that it's for local residents only? How will it be manned by local residents? Not sure what is meant by this? But certainly a step in the right direction although I'm sure unwanted waste as specified above will no doubt make it's way into the skips somehow & by non Brent residents at that. I await this scheme however with interest.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but why does it have to be used as yet another photo opp for a smiling Cllr Butt, this time with a smiling Krupa Sheth? I wonder what they are smiling about?

Martin Francis said...

I'll post the photo op if I can find it so people will know what you are refering to,

Anonymous said...

Big skip or small councillors???