Friday 12 October 2018

Local councillors kept in the dark over South Kilburn evictions

117 families have been given eviction notices in just two buildings in South Kilburn, Hereford House and Exeter House.  Most of the families have lived on South Kilburn for some time and a few more than 5 years.  There are 92 tenants at Hereford House and 25 at Exeter Court.

Local councillors were not told of two meetings that were held in Kilburn about the evictions.

Bremnt Council's Housing Needs Service held a meeting at Granville Centre on September 25th to inform non-secure tenants of their options regarding moving on. They said the Regeneration Team needs vacant possession for the next stage of  development and they have been asked to relocate all tenants by July 5th 2019.

Residents were told that the options available depended on their circumstances such as the number of bedrooms needed and the length of time they have been accepted as homeless. Options included relocation into alternative temporary accommodation, the private sector or social housing.

The Service apologised for  not inviting any local councillors to the meeting. They said they normally invite the lead member for housing to User Forums and she can pass on the invitation to other councillors.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder why they did not tell the kilburn cllrs? At least one of them is now standing up for those to be evicted.