Monday 4 March 2019

Housing, waste & road repairs lag in Brent Council performance

Brent Council's Cabinet will receive data on the Council's performance at its meeting on Monday March 11th. Performance is recorded as a RAG (Red, Amber & Green) rating, often known as the traffic light system, according to performance against targets.

The report includes comments on the reasons for good or poor performance. The majority of ratings are Green or Amber but discussion centres on the Red areas and the action officers are taking to improve performance.

Some of the stand-out Red items are (target in brackets):

Proportion of waste recycled (Year to date) which is up to Quarter 3): 38% (45%) In 2016-17 the London average was 33% with Brent at 36.4%. Bexley was top at 52.1% and Newham bottom at 14.1%.

Residual waste collected (YTD): 51,283 tonnes (49.489). The more residual waste collected and the lower amount recycled increases the Council's landfill costs.

Timeliness of repair of highways defects(YTD): 56% (98%) See notes on document below.

Times taken to re-let empty council homes with minor defects to be addressed (YTD): 39.1 days (24)

Time taken to re-let council homes with major defects to be addressed (YTD): 90.4 days (76)

Tenants' satisfaction with council housing repairs (YTD): 75.6% (82%)

Waste and highway repairs are both out-sourced, Council housing has been brought back in-house but repairs are contracted out.

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1 comment:

Dr Naim Boutros said...

The Metal rails in more than two sections at the mini rounabout of Tudor Gardens beginning of Salmon street and Forty Lane/ Blackbird Hill in Wembley have been damaged presumably following accidents more than three months ago. If another accident occurs in the same location now its very likely that it would result in more serious harm to people and property than if the Rails are in good condition.

If the rails are not beneficial then l guess they should not have been placed there in the first place. If they meant to minimise damage from traffic incidents then l think there should be plans in place to repair them ASAP following such incidents.

May I suggest we should ask the insurance companies of the relevant vehicles involved in the accidents to pay for the repair themselves.