Tuesday 5 March 2019

South Kilburn: When is a tenant not a tenant?

I wasn't sure when I saw this what exactly a 'Tenants' Steering Group' is - is it tenants steering themselves or some other organisation steering the tenants? I asked a South Kilburn tenant and he said:
"Open to all secure council tenants within the regeneration area"? Not if the regeneration area is South Kilburn, whether your block is due to be regenerated soon or not. Members of our Tenants & Residents Association committee who went to one of the meetings were told it was not for them, but they could sit quietly at the back if they wished.
It is not a "Tenants' Steering group" (i.e. run by Tenants), but an organisation run by the Council at which people can raise their particular housing situation. The information people can get at these meetings is no more "independent" than if it was provided directly by Mo Butt.
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