Monday, 18 March 2019

Brent Council to consult on revoking byelaw that prohibits cycling in parks & open spaces

General Purposes Committee on Tuesday will consider a proposal to consult on revoking a byelaw that prohibits cycling in 55 out of 90 of our parks and open spaces.

The consultation will be preceded by a survey of parks and open spaces to assess suitability and mitigation measures that will be required to protect other park users, a speed limit of 5 mph is envisaged.

Brent Cyclists, the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign had raised the issue and pointed out how it contradicted the Council's policy to encourage cycling and exercise.

Other byelaws would still be available to deal with people who cycled dangerously.

A final decision on revocation would be made at the July Full Council meeting.



  1. Already the pavements are hazardous beacuse cyclists often cycle on the pavements with little regard for pedestrians. We are also feeling in danger on a daily basis from lime green dockless e bikes and mobikes which are parked randomly across pavements. I definitely do not welcome this revoking of bylaws about bike use in parks as this will then make parks less safe for my husband, who is blind.

  2. As a cyclist I would welcome this. I will ride on the pavement occasionally as some roads are simply too dangerous. However, I do agree that there are a fair share of inconsiderate cyclists that do not give appropriate consideration to pedestrians.

    Although byelaws may exist to deal with dangerous cyclists I would assume that in practice such action is taken extremely rarely, when injury has been caused.