Sunday 31 March 2019

Carlton-Granville Centre call-in to be heard by Brent Scrutiny on Wednesday as campaigners launch petition

The call-in of the proposal to build housing on the Granvill-Carlton site on the South Kilburn estate will be heard by the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday. The Cabinet's decision was called in by required 5 non-executive councillors in this case Cllrs Abdi, Chan, Hector, Pavey and Hassan.

This is the protocol for call-ins:
A decision made by the council’s Cabinet or a Cabinet committee, or a key decision by an officer, can be called in for review before it is implemented. Decisions can be called in by five non-executive members or by the Scrutiny Committee. If a Cabinet decision is called-in, that decision cannot normally be implemented until it has been considered by a scrutiny committee. An urgency procedure is in place in Standing Orders for any decision that cannot afford to be delayed.

The Scrutiny Committee is required to meet within 15 working days of the date on which a call-in is accepted as valid. The Committee may decide to refer the matter back to the Cabinet or other decision maker, along with the reasons why the Committee thinks it should be reconsidered. The Cabinet or other decision maker will then decide whether to implement the original decision or review the decision based on the views of the Scrutiny Committee. Alternatively the Committee can decide that the matter should not be referred back to the Cabinet or other decision maker in which case the original decision will be implemented.
-->Meanwhile local campaigners have set up a petition:

Please sign our petition asking Brent Council ...

To not put housing on the Granville and Carlton site
To have only  multipurpose community spaces managed by an alliance of community organisations and local residents.


Granville and Carlton are two community buildings in the heart of South Killburn, in Northwest London. Both buildings were built for the community; Granville as multi-use community spaces and Carlton as a school and later adult education.

In 2016 Granville Communtiy Kitchen and The Otherwise Club with the help of local residents and Councillors were able to change Brent Council's minds about tearing down these invaluable local heritage  buildings. Now in 2019 they have new plans we need to challenge.

Multipurpose spaces are what Granville and Carlton have been for over 100 years! They were used for supporting those in need,  dances, weddings, celebrating and mourning, free advice, youth clubs and exercise classes, learning and socialising.

Please sign our petition to keep these buildings for lots of community uses
Social housing on this site? No thank you!
We want more social housing but not on an amenity site purposely built for social use

The South Kilburn Regeneration Programme is building over 2400 homes in the area. We need more multipurpose community spaces for these new residents!

Please build more social housing but not on the site of the only public community spaces in the area! They are building 308 homes just 10m from the Granville Carlton site with only 42 (14 %) of these being social housing. Make more social housing in the Regeneration Programme but not on the community site.

Please sign our petition to keep these buildings for lots of community uses
We want:
No housing on the site
Multipurpose community spaces managed by an alliance of community organisations and local residents.

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