Tuesday 22 October 2019

24 storey tower at Stonebridge Park station given the go ahead

Still catching up after my break I thought readers would want to know the fate of the application for a 24 storey block to replace the modest 2 storey Argenta House building at Stonebridge station LINK

The plans were passed by a Planning Committee which had an unusual number of substitutions. There was one presentation against the plans by a local resident concerned about residential tower blocks post-Grenfell and in particular evacuation  plans for people with a disability as well as the fact that the station lacked disabled access. There was also concern about the capacity of Stonebridge Station to cope with extra traffic from the Argenta House block along with the nearby Northfields development,

Planning officers made much of the landmark nature of the proposed block and the relationship with the existing high rise Wembley Point and the even higher block planned for Northfields.


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