Thursday 24 October 2019

Kilburn Times calls for system change to tackle climate crisis

This week's Brent and Kilburn Times is a special green edition - both in design and content. The North West London group editor , Ramzy Alwakeel, explains why in a rare editorial:
Tackling climate change isn't about shaming your neighbours for not separating their plastic recycling properly. Everyone has different amounts of energy, money, time; none of us should judge anyone else. We are all working within an economic and political system that promotes and rewards selfishness, and that has left many people with very little to survive on.

But we won't recycle our way out of the climate crisis: we need system change. Government inaction, corporate unaccountability and collective denial mean all of us have inherited responsibility for something that really shouldn't be our problem. It is wrong that a handful of big businesses are responsible for the majority of the world's toxic emissions. It is wrong that a Swedish schoolgirl has become the face of a campaign to treat our planet better.

But the crisis is now so bad that we must all play a part in fixing a problem that isn't our fault. I hope this week's Times makes that clear - and gives you some ideas.

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