Monday 7 October 2019

Urgent call for Strathcona supporters to protest at Brent Civic Centre on Monday as Cabinet rushes decision on Strathcona

The Scrutiny Committee's recommendations on the Cabinet's Roe Green Strathcona closure decision has been rushed on to the agenda of Monday's Cabinet, which already has an over-loaded agenda.

There is no report of the Scrutiny's deliberations and recommendations on the Council website - they are 'to follow' - this gives the public little or no time to prepare any representations to Cabinet which surely undermines democracy and transparency. On such an emotive and controversial issue you would think the Council would be careful not to alienate people further.

I queried this and was told,  'A covering report and report from the Strategic Director of Children and Young People will be made available in due course.'

The meeting, like all Cabinet meetings currently, will be held at 4pm which means people working normal hours will be unable to attend and Roe Green Strathcona staff and parents will be hard put to get to the meeting in time after work.

Anyone available is asked to get to the Civic Centre for 3pm to make their feelings known before the meeting.

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