Thursday 3 October 2019

Applications now open for local projects to apply for Brent Neighbourhood CIL cash

From Brent Council

We are now open for applications for the NCIL grant Round 2 2019/20.

The deadline is Sunday 1st December (11.59 p.m.) 2019.

For more information please see our website

You will see:

  • Essential shortlisting criteria in order to be eligible
  • Amount of money available in each neighbourhood and neighbourhood boundaries
  • A list of projects who have received the award ( not including the last round)
  • CVS Brent Training sessions
  • Who to contact for 1:1 support
  • How to apply through our Grants Portal

If you see us tweet about NCIL or a Facebook post we would most appreciate it if you could retweet, share etc. as we want to get  the word out.  Please put up this flyer in appropriate public areas. We are keen for those who have not heard about this fund to hear about it!

If you need any further information or support please do not hesitate to email us or call.

Kind Regards

Kate Lambert
Partnership Funding Officer
Chief Executives Department
Brent Council

0208 937 1170

1 comment:

Pete Firmin said...

Once again, what is called a "Neighbourhood" infrastructure levy is open for business and Brent Council groups. No doubt, as on previous occasions, these will get the bulk of the awards, not genuine local organisations. And why are all training sessions in Wembley - convenient for "Brent Council groups", rather than holding some in the much-vaunted local hubs, bringing them closer to the neighbourhoods this scheme supposedly serves.