Tuesday 8 October 2019

Post-scrutiny report rejects additional provision proposals for Strathcona school site

The response from the Strategic Director of Children and Young People to Scrutiny Committee has now been published and it does not make happy reading for campaigners trying to save Roe Green Strathcona from closure.

Scrutiny requested reconsideration of the closure decision and the proposals that had come forward in relation to alternative and additional education provision on the Strathcona site.

The response considers each proposal made by campaigners in turn and rejects them all as not needed and some as not serving to increase the number of primary pupils on the site.

It does not go into pupil projections as these were not included in Scrutiny's request. Strategic Director Gail Tolley had put forward a proposal at Scrutiny to use the site after closure of primary provision for Special Education Needs pupils and those with a Disability aged 19-24 years. The report argues that as a former adult training centre the site is particularly suitable and puts this forward for further consultation with stake holders, local providers and special schools.

The report publishes figures seeking to justify the claim that school places cost more at Roe Green Strathcona because of the extra allowance given to the school to compensate for being on two sites. Redistribution of the £200,000 saved equates to £8 per primary pupils across the borough and £6,600 for a four form entry school and £3,300 for a 2 form entry. (Note para 6.2 of the report wrongly states £6,600 for a 3 form entry school).

The Cabinet has the choice of amending its original closure decision or confirming it. In the latter case it would take immediate effect.

The full report is below. Anyone wishing to speak at Cabinet on Monday should apply to via  an online form at https://www.brent.gov.uk/firmstep/forms/request-to-speak-at-a-meeting/ or email  Thomas.Cattermole@brent.gov.uk Requests will then be considered by Cllr Muhammed Butt.

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