Thursday, 19 May 2022

Brent Labour issue press release glowing with self-praise



Anonymous said...

"Forward Together" was the motto adopted for the new London Borough of Brent in 1965.

Brent Labour don't own it.

Their slogan promises respect. Let's hope Butt will start to show respect for those who've different views from him!!!

David Walton said...

Glowing self praise sure, but also work to be done;

Take the recently published London Flood Review (now at stage 2), a major study which manages to ignore Brent as one of its London impacted, analysed and mapped borough flood review case studies? Brent is off the radar. If this is then linked to Brent delaying of its Section 19 Flood Investigation Report and the new London Plans drainage map which denies that Brent Kilburn even has Victorian combined sewers……

This means Brent councillors to date are complicit in keeping flooded Brent residents out of Thames Waters major corporate London boroughs July 2021 flood response investment plan. For one example non-return valves being fitted to homes would keep sewage in the always at overcapacity nowadays combined sewers rather allowing sewage to return back into Kilburn homes!

Where to Thames Water invest? Clearly enabled to avoid Brent.

Anonymous said...

Champions? They’re rookies and barey apprentices at the moment. We’ll consider calling them champs if they deserve it

David Walton said...

Glowing self praise, but Brent is missing ready-made emergency plan free gifts;

Take the idea of extra-purposing the South Kilburn HS2 access vent building (on site today) with its giant tunnel system access point as a ready-made bunker in time of war. All it needs is a blast door.

A mad local idea?

Well, the City of Helsinki is clearly mad as it has built 500 bunkers where its entire 600,000 population can shelter and live in safety underground for months.

In London its only global oligarch's deep basement homes, Hampstead, Belsize Park, some Central bunkers- for the few and definitely not the many Londoners as regards emergency defensive planning, with even ready-made new bunker opportunities gifted on a plate by Brent Emergency Planners total ignored?

With all that forward thinking emergency planning culture for protecting its population, what was Finland's Covid-19 death toll when compared to that of the UK? Did Finish decision makers watch previous Sars Covid news reports from Asia or movies like Contagion 2011 for ideas of what could happen to its citizens and then plan accordingly?

Philip Grant said...

Talking of bunkers, Wembley Urban District Council (shortly before it became a Borough) changed the plans for its new Town Hall in 1937, to include a bomb-proof reinforced concrete basement.

Did the planners of the Civic Centre have that foresight? Now it is the French Lycee whose staff and students will have the use of that protective shelter, should it be needed.

David Walton said...

Thanks for that great detail Phillip.

Brent has a kind of fatalism, even a '*conservation of catastrophes' approach rather than pragmatic emergency, climate crisis and resilience planning.

*Chippenham Gardens high surface water flood risk (Environment Agency data) and rivers meeting beneath it, why would Brent pave all of this public green space rather that create rain gardens?

Some council highways departments are creating Bee Roads, safe corridors for insects, Brent highways???