Sunday, 22 May 2022

Barn Hill Conservation Group erect panels to educate and inform the public about their work in Fryent Country Park



Barn Hill Conservation Group who look after the vast Fryent Country Park and the small and beautiful Roe Green wallked gardem, won a grant last year for work on the Gaderbrook that runs though the park. After one of the contractors decided not to charge them for the work the group allocated it to install new interpretative panels in the park and these were unveiled this morning in bright sunshine.

In the video above Maurice Gold gives the background to the group's work which has been going on for more than 40 years to the benefit of all Brent residents. They were one of the first environmental groups in the borough, long before such an interest was fashionable.


The Barn Hill Conservation Group

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David Walton said...

So, it can be done.

What about the woodland area in South Kilburn Public Open Space, Brent Kilburn's only park size park? Even Chelsea has mini urban woodlands 2022 being protected. Could Brent projects link, bio-diversity corridors, stepping stones.....

With re-developers stepping back from South Kilburn Drowning by Numbers.