Friday, 20 May 2022

Community's Bridge Park Complex legal battle is declared over as it runs out of road


The long and spirited legal battle for the Bridge Park Complex has been declared over by campaigners following the Supreme Court's decision that there was not sufficient legal public interest to hear the case.

The Bridge Park Community Council and Stonebridge Community Trust issued the following statement this afternoon:

Our Appeal to the Supreme Court has ended they did not grant a hearing on the basis that the argument is not of   sufficient Public Interest. We firmly disagree, but have no further avenues.


We have therefore come to the legal end of the Save Bridge Park Campaign.


Many thanks to all for your commitment to the battle for Equality and Justice and in particular for our great Afrikan and Caribbean legacy worth of £200million and being sold (given away) for up to £12miilion to private developer General Mediterranean Holdings (GMH)


We know that proceedings could have gone differently; had we been allowed to fight the Trial with the original legal arguments.


The Community need is very much there, and Brent will not allow a community ownership or control in its projects  and considering the millions Bridge Park is worth the amount Brent is investing back directly in the Afrikan Caribbean Community amount small handouts and no ownership of assets there is not one multi-million pound project or development we control or have long term funding guaranteed.


Our 2035 Vision is still credible see our website for details.


1. The general cost of our Save Bridge Park Campaign to date:


£750,000.00 in Legal work


Of that 2. Community donations:





3. Benefactors:



In the meantime thank you all for your hard work, donations and tireless support.


On behalf of

BPCC and


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