Thursday, 19 May 2022

VIDEO: The moment when Muhammed Butt sprang a surprise move to seize more power for his Brent Buttocracy

 I apologise for the poor sound quality of Brent's original webcast, but it is worth watching for the reaction of the opposition councillors

At 54.13 Council Leader Muhammed Butt slips in a constitutional change so that he appoints the Vice Chairs of the two Scrutiny Committees which had previously been filled by oppositon councillors. Carolyn Downs, Brent Council Chief Executive, intervenes to clarify the proposal so that all councillors are aware of what it means.

A move by the Liberal Democrats supported by the Conservatives that the Chairs of Scrutiny should be from the opposition is defeated.

Thus the Chairs and Vice Chairs of both Scrutiny Committees are now filled by the Labour Party. Chairs are elected by the Labour Group but Vice Chairs appointed by the Council Leader. This extend's the leader's patronage.

A worsening of the previous position.

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Anonymous said...

For those of us unfamiliar with the minutiae of political procedural process, can you explain what is meant to have happened?